Our Planet Partners

Playtop is leading the way in Aotearoa's surfacing industry in closing the loop on our product lifecycle. As said so well by Nike "It’s all part of our vision for a circular future, one where the concept of waste no longer exists


Playtops partnership with Nike has allowed us to take hundreds of thousands of used sports shoes from becoming landfill and repurposing the rubber and other sports shoe manufacture waste as safety surfacing. A system we proudly call Playtop with Nike Grind

The History of Nike Grind

Playtops partnership with Future Post means our plastic waste is repurposed as fence posts! In Future Post’s short time operating they have repurposed over 672 million plastic bags and 100 million milk bottles! With a life expectancy of well over 50 years these posts are an incredibly sustainable product.


Playtops partnership with Treadlite NZ allows us to source the majority of our rubber right here in Aotearoa derived from used truck tyres. Treadlite were able to reconfigure their machinery to produce the product we require to our specifications. With up to 60kg of truck tyre rubber being installed in just one square meter this is a brilliant way to keep used truck tyres from the waste steam.

Tyrewise connects the whole life cycle of a tyre.  A stewardship fee is paid at the beginning of its life and this is used to make it a resource in our circular economy at the end of its life.

The Playtop team use hundreds of tons of used tyres to create the impact absorption layer of safety surfacing helping end of life tyres start another life cycle as a completely different product. 

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