Playtop Safety Surfacing

Fun, vibrant, and sustainable safety surfacing for playgrounds, sports courts, splash pads and walkways.

Playtop is committed to being Aotearoa's safety surfacing leader.  With Nike as a global partner we offer the Playtop with Nike Grind range containing used sports shoes and sports shoe manufacture waste.  There is no guesswork with our product, Playtop has also been developed and tested as a full system with over 40 worldwide licensees having the reassurance we are offering a product and installation process second to none.  Playtop achieves outstanding results aesthetically, incorporating beautiful cultural design and other meaningful and fun concepts integrally into the surfacing.  

We are an official global Nike partner!

Playtop, partnered with Nike are the exclusive suppliers and installers of Playtop with Nike Grind.

Containing used sports shoes and sports shoe manufacture waste, we are reducing landfill and at the same time repurposing high-quality rubber designed for athletes, into protective surfacing.

We are so passionate about encouraging our customers to use our Nike Grind range we offer it at a reduced rate as a little incentive to help make the more sustainable choice. 

Kind to the planet

In every square meter installed, rubber equivalent to that of 28 worn out sports shoes is used and we think that is pretty cool! 

Playtop Safety Surfacing

If you are planning a new playground, or just wanting to upgrade the surfacing, Playtop and Playtop with Nike Grind wet pour safety surfacing is the perfect solution.  Playtop also offers sport court surfacing, splash pad surfacing and our Playtop Walk, a permeable slip resistant alternative to concrete paths.

Playtop Rubber Accessories

Playtop Certification

Playtop is committed to being Aotearoa’s safety surfacing leader. Not only is Playtop the more sustainable choice but Playtop is extensively tested and certified providing reassurance you are investing in a quality full system surfacing solution.

  • Critical Fall Height test certificate

  • Water Permeability

  • Toxicology

  • Abrasion Certificate

  • Migration (microplastics)

  • Ease of Ignition

  • Wheelchair Use

  • Fire Resistance

Critical Fall Height Chart

Playtop install safety surfacing in excess of 140mm in thickness which exceeds that of any other surfacing company in Aotearoa.  We absorb shock through the density and thickness  of our product rather than "bounce" meaning very little movement and stress on binders to break down over time. When surfacing has become a significant component of a playground budget you need the peace of mind that your surfacing will comply to safety standard testing well after the warranty period has expired and our shock pad with minimal maintenance remains "as the day it was installed" thanks to research into rubber grade, rubber binder ration, install techniques and the "test of time" with Playtop having been around now for 40 years.

With safety being the core purpose of a safety surfacing investment, Playtop will see that your project can serve that core purpose for many many years to come.

Using our Critical Fall Height Chart and with information from your equipment supplier, you can see just how deep we will be installing your new surfacing. 

Have a Play with Colours

Mix and match different colour combinations with our colour mixer tool - then download your finished product. 

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