Playtop Aquatic

An anti slip, free draining system especially designed for splash parks and water play areas

Performance Characteristics

Playtop Aquatic is specifically designed for spray parks and pool surrounds, features unique anti slip properties, provides comfortable cushioning for its barefoot users of all ages and can, due to a great variety of colour options, integrate itself visually into any existing design and environment. Alongside performance testing, Playtop Aquatic has also been tested for hydrolysis and resistance both fresh water, sea water and chlorinated pool water. Playtop Aquatic has been developed using only high quality components and should only be installed onto new or existing concrete or tarmac.

Features & Benefits

  • Fully tested

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Durable

  • Flexible

  • Multiple colour options

  • Low maintenance

  • UV resistance

  • Water permeable

  • Safe

Available Colours

We have a range of colours to choose from for our safety surfacing, as well as many blend options.

Have a Play with Colours

Mix and match different colour combinations with our colour mixer tool - then download your finished product. 

Want to know more?

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