Playtop with Nike Grind

As an official Global Nike Partner, Playtop developed the Playtop with Nike Grind system.

What is Nike Grind?

Through a 'slice and grind' technique  Nike Grind surfacing materials are created from Nike‚Äôs recycled surplus manufacturing materials and athletic footwear. Rubber, foam, fibre, leather and textile blends are separated and ground into a wide range of granules. 

‚ÄčInnovation from the ground up, Nike Grind materials are born from a desire to waste nothing and sustainability in mind. Nikes long-term vision: Creating a continuous loop without waste.

As an official Global Nike Grind Partner, Playtop has developed the Playtop with Nike Grind system. This is the only product of its kind that incorporates Nike Grind rubber from sports shoes. All to create a colourful range of fully tested, safe, durable and impact absorbing wet pour rubber safety surfacing designed playgrounds, and recreational applications.

By adding sustainable and high-performance rubber material derived from recycled materials, such as athletic footwear and surplus manufacturing scraps into our colourful EPDM wearing course, Playtop takes the lead internationally when it comes to the innovation and creation of environmentally friendly surfacing. A system we are proud to call Playtop with Nike Grind.

Rubber equivalent to that of 28 worn out sport shoes is repurposed in every square metre of Playtop with Nike Grind installed!

Available Colours

We have a range of colours to choose from for our safety surfacing, as well as many blend options.