Playtop Walk

A sustainable surfacing solution for pathways and walkways.

Why Playtop Walk?

Playtop Walk is an attractive, sustainable and highly permeable surfacing solution for areas where traditional concrete or asphalt are not going to provide any drainage.  Playtop Walk is formulated from attractive stone aggregate and end of life truck tyre rubber so all recycled and natural content. The large rubber granules provide excellent slip resistance while the stone aggregate makes the surface attractive and natural, offering itself well to blend into a natural environment like bush walk pathways or beach pathways.  Playtop Walk can be installed directly over compacted stone making it a fast and effective solution, not requiring a lot of ground preparation

Other Benefits

With flooding becoming more of an issue now in Aotearoa, Playtop Walk offers the safety benefit of not only being slip resistant but having a free draining ability. With very specific binder ratios the finished system allows water to flow through, significantly reducing water movement on the surface.  Another benefit of Playtop Walk is it offers some flexibility so where it is installed near trees not only will the tree roots receive water from it's permeability but any root growth would need to be quite significant before the system was damaged unlike concrete which would crack. Repairs are also simple being wet poured, a small section can be removed and simply replaced very quickly.  Playtop Walk can often be installed directly over existing damaged surfaces easily solving any trip and slip hazards without having to remove existing concrete or asphalt and prepare the ground underneath.

Playtop Walk is a permeable, non slip surface perfect for application where concrete is not an option and slip resistance and permeability are essential.

  • Tested for Water Permeability

  • Tested for Slip Resistance

  • Tested for Tensile strength and elongation value

  • Environmentally Friendly

  • Recycled and natural content

  • Suitable for wheelchairs, walkers and prams

  • Simple one layer system

  • Durable and attractive

Playtop Walk can be installed over a free draining sub base of crushed stone or it can be installed over existing concrete or asphalt.  Where Playtop Walk is finished to gardens like a path through a heavily planted area, an edge is not necessary as we can roll the product down to finish below garden mulch leaving grasses and foliage to create a stunning natural boarder which needs no maintenance.

Want to know more?

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