Playtop Street

 Interactive playground games to help children play and develop social skills.

What is Playtop Street?

Playtop Street range is easy for children to learn but difficult to master. With a variety of games designed to challenge as well as enhance coordination and collaborative play, this smart surface physically and mentally challenges individuals and teams.

Made from recycled commercial vehicle tyres and sports shoes, Playtop Street is a shaped play system featuring satellites that create a series of colours and sounds when touched. Whether you want to play with your feet or your hands, Playtop Street is the ultimate play experience.

Playtop Street is an energising form of play and exercise that works the mind as well as the body. It encourages children and adults alike to collaborate, coordinate, solve tasks and develop teamwork whilst being physically active.

The interactive play surfacing takes the classroom outside. Perfect for simultaneous learning and movement. Children can work together using Playtop Street as a platform for inventing new games and educational tools. Challenge friends, challenge other classes – even challenge teachers.

The games advance as you progress, meaning that as you learn and improve, so does your play experience – ensuring players are continuously challenged and energised.

Ideal for any age group, Playtop Streets offers a wide option of interactive surfacing that is perfect for energetic children and active adults.

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